Behind the Scenes 1: How It All Happened

Dana-Sofie ŠlancarováA few words about bringing Spiritual Messages for Women by Miranda Gray to life by the publisher, Dana-Sofie Šlancarová.

At the beginning, there was certainly the Goddess, who gave Miranda the idea to write the book. Then She let it happen that Miranda went to Prague to give a couple of workshops there and spoke to Dana-Sofi, who apart from being a ‚menstruation lecturer‘ and a promoter of the Moon Inside Us project, is also a publisher.

Dana was very much surprised at the amount of so important and so wonderful ideas regarding the topic of menstruation in Miranda’s drawer and felt the urge to get some of it over to other women worldwide. After some negotiations, we decided it was the time for Spiritual Messages for Women to be published.

Spiritual Messages, illustration by Lenka BlažejováMiranda and Richard, her husband, prepared the final version of the text. In the meantime, I asked Lenka Blažejová to prepare illustrations and the cover of the book. When I received Lenka’s pictures, I knew this was just it. The messages inside the book contain what I call „Divine energy“, present behind the words, that „works“ on you as your read, and Lenka managed to transfer this energy into her beautiful paintings, too.

And I am also very happy there were men helping with the publication. The layout is by Pavel Hrych and Aleš Navrátil from HRaNA. And the book itself was printed by my dear friend Jiří Kylar who took the most care that everything in the printing process was done as perfectly as it could. The book has a unique format to fit into a woman’s handbag and weighs nearly nothing so that you can carry it always with you, plus binding designed for „heavy“ everyday use. Thank you, gyus!

My part of the job was to organize these people and also give the book the publisher’s reading. Though the book is not so thick and I usually read quite quickly, it took me quite some time to read through this text. Once you start reading, the Divine tidings start working through you and you have to let it happen. And if you dare and truly let it work inside you and then let it materialize in your everyday life situations and emotions, the final result is that you are relieved, reenergized, reborn and rewired to being a woman you truly are.

And I want to say I am very happy these messages can reach you now in a materialized form of a book, and work through you, too. I hope you will enjoy it at least as much as I have been enjoying it, and that you will benefit from it at least as much as I have been benefiting from it.

Let the Goddess enter your life more fully and help you whenever you feel you need any help. Let Her be your best friend, your life coach, ask Her for abundance and all the experiences and emotions you want to enjoy in your life.

Know that you don’t need to be ‚perfect‘, that situations don’t have to be perfect. Life is perfect the way it is right now, and as you are part of Life, this includes you. (Action phase message 24)

Kateřina Střelcová, sales managerI shall also not forget my sales manager Kateřina Střelcová, who is in charge of getting the book over to you. If you want to buy the book, contact her (or go to our e-shop). If you want to help us distribute the book in your country, contact her, too.

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